Authenticate content, protect perspective.

Quickly, reliably validate the authenticity of written content with Intaglio.
Intaglio is a digital signature enabling authors and publishers to advance ethical AI use.

The time is now. Our Manifesto


Creativity is humanity's gift. It must be protected.

Writing is a vital part of how we engage and express perspectives—how we know and understand one another. Today, some organizations are appropriating creators’ work to power large language models; systems capable of mimicking human writers. While generative AI may excel at producing a synthesis of content, it cannot replace what is possible when we create. Intaglio marks the beginning of a better way to write, publish, and safeguard creativity. Intaglio use is forever-free to writers, and the Intaglio authenticity database is public and accessible to all.

Protect Yourself

How the technology works

Using Web3 wallet technology to authorize signatures and verify content authenticity

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Create your profile, connect Web3 wallet

To get started, simply click “Create Account” below. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you’ll be prompted to complete an Intaglio profile and generate your unique digital signature.


Sign your content with Web3 wallet

With an active account, applying your Intaglio signature is as easy as uploading a file or pasting a URL. Today, Intaglio supports .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF formats.


Add signature to your published content

Uploaded content is encrypted and stored in the global Intaglio database. All Intaglio-signed content can be shared in a click, with the ability to track engagement.


Content is provably attributed to you

Define if and when you want AI models to access your work, plus configurable notification controls so you can choose to receive email or text alerts of suspected AI infringement.

Free to writers. Full stop.

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We’re committed to offering Intaglio free to writers, forever. We’re also committed to transparency.

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We generate revenue by charging AI developers for the privilege of access to the Intaglio database for training, and charging publications to license the Intaglio mark to demonstrate their commitment to distributing authenticated written content.